Assisting Justices of the Peace in performing their judicial duties


Annual General Meeting
A General Meeting open to all members of the Scottish Justices’ Association is held annually, usually between September and November. At the AGM, the Chairman of the SJA Executive Committee will preside over the business of the AGM, which comprises: approval of the minutes of the previous AGM; the approval of the Annual Report prepared by the SJA Executive Committee; the approval of the SJA accounts; the appointment of an independent financial examiner for the accounts; and approval of any suggested amendments to the SJA Constitution.

Executive Committee Meetings
The Executive Committee of the SJA hold at least four meetings annually: the unapproved minutes of these meetings are usually available to all members of the Executive Committee shortly after each meeting and the approved minutes are available to all SJA members in the members’ area of the website after approval at a subsequent Executive Committee meeting.

Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee Meetings
The Executive Committee has the power to form sub-committees, including a Chairman’s Committee if it so votes The minutes of any such sub-committees will be homologated at a subsequent Executive meeting.