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Executive Committee August 2008

The Executive Committee met on 6th August 2008 in Edinburgh. Following a discussion with Richard Wilkins and Katriona McNeill of the Criminal Justice Directorate, Sheriff Tom Welsh QC the incoming Director of the Judicial Studies Committee introduced himself to the committee. The committee discussed the arrangements for the election of the Executive Committee and the […]

SJA Executive Meeting 16 April

The SJA Executive committee met on 16 April in Edinburgh. It considered the proposed Constitution and Standing Orders and Rules for approval at a Special General Meeting in late May. The meeting also discussed the JP recruitment process, insurance and personal safety and the Lothian and Borders unification. The new web site is almost ready […]

Justices Development Committee March 2008

The Justices Development Committee met on 19 March 2008. Members were updated on the progress of the Appraisal Design Group. They approved a letter sent by the chairman to Sheriff Crowe expressing satisfaction at the recently issued Legal Advisers’ Manual and suggesting certain amendments to future editions. Following a brief visit by Sheriff Crowe there […]

SJA Executive Meeting 14 February

The SJA Executive committee met on 14 February 2008. The arrangements for the first Annual General Meeting of the Association (in Perth on Saturday 25 October 2008) were agreed and consideration was given on the constitution to be adopted at that meeting. The sheriffdom representatives undertook to arrange meetings of SJA members in their areas […]

Communications Committee 17 January 2008

The SJA Communications and Membership committee held their third meeting on 17 January 2008. Progress on several matters was noted and it was agreed to recommend to the executive that we invite the preferred tenderer to create our new website. The Committee appreciated a visit from Sheriff Frank Crowe who demonstrated the new JSC intranet […]

Justices Development Committee Jan 2008

The Justices Development Committee met on 16 January 2008. Members agreed to encourage participation in the consultation exercise currently being carried out with regard to the proposed appraisal scheme. They also discussed with Sheriff Frank Crowe a number of required updates to the Justice of the Peace Court Bench Book and undertook to comment for […]