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SJA Executive meeting 20 January 2010

The Executive Committee met on 20th January 2010 in Edinburgh. The purpose of the meeting was to review the activities of the association in order to develop a strategic plan. A small number of priority activities were identified and these were remitted to the appropriate committees for further discussion prior to being incorporated into the […]

Justices Development Committee 9 Dec 2009

The Justices Training Committee met on 9 December 2009. It welcomed new members from GHI, NS and SSDG and also the new SJA chairman (ex officio). G Coe was reappointed as chairman. The agenda included topics such as guidance for the unrepresented accused; Justices Annual Conference; induction training and support for Justices at JSC.. Members […]

Executive Committee 25 November 2009

The Executive Committee met on 25th November in Edinburgh. The membership of the JP Development, Communications and Policy and Legislation committees was decided. The representatives on external committees were appointed. Reports from various committees and on consultations were reviewed. There will be a special meeting on 20 January 2010 to discuss the strategy. The following […]

Executive committee 31 October 2009

The Executive Committee met on 31st October 2009 in Perth. The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer were elected – click here. The members’ responses to the consultation on Petition 1276 were discussed and the process for agreeing a submission from the Association to the Petitions Committee was agreed.

Communications Committee 8 September 2009

The SJA Communications Committee held their eighth meeting on 8 September 2009. The last and next issues of the newsletter were discussed, as was the possible content of our next sheriffdom news update.

Executive Committee August 2009

The Executive Committee met on 27 August 2009 in Edinburgh. Issues discussed included the nomination of JPs to groups reviewing the implementation of the Summary Justice Reform, the response to a paper submitted to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice in relation to JP remuneration and other updates to policies Arrangements for the AGM in October […]

Executive Committee 13 May 2009

The Executive Committee met on 13th May 2009 in Edinburgh. Issues discussed included the evidence session at the Justice Committee meeting considering the Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill and progress on a general review of payments and allowances to JPs. The arrangements for the 400-year anniversary celebration on 24th June were considered. A committee was […]

Communciations Committee 5 March 2009

The SJA Communications Committee held their sixth meeting on 5 March 2009. The publication of the next two newsletters was discussed, as well as the need to have some protocol in place to enable membership lists to be updated after the retiral or resignation of justices.

Executive Committee November 2008

The Executive Committee met on 11th November 2008 in Edinburgh. Philip Murray was elected as Vice-Chairman and Ian Smyth as Membership Secretary. The committee established the membership of the Communications and Justices Development Committee and established a new Legislation and Policy Committee. Membership of external committees was agreed. The response to current consultations on Judicial […]

Communications Committee 4 Sep 2008

The SJA Communications Committee held their fifth meeting on 2 September 2008 when the main discussion centred on the consultation paper issued on the subject of Judicial Ethics. The procedure to be followed when a justice wishes to stand down was also discussed.