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Result of SJA Executive Elections

SJA Executive Committee Elections 2011


The full report of the election sub committee is available on the website the following summarises the result.


Glasgow and Strathkelvin – no election – Andrew Leven retains post

Grampian Highlands & Islands – no election – J. Allan Clasper retains post

Lothian & Borders. Voting papers sent out 52, votes cast 39

Bob Mitchell 20
David M. B. Hamilton 19

North Strathclyde – no election -Tom Finnigan takes up post vacated

Tayside Central and Fife – no election – Robin White retains post


South Strathclyde Dumfries and Galloway

With three candidates for three posts an election was required to determine the years each candidate would serve on the executive

Voting papers sent out 84, votes cast 59. There was 1 spoiled paper.

Votes used: 5 used 3 votes; 17 used 2 votes; 36 used 1 vote. Total votes cast 85

Johan Findlay 36 – elected for 3 years

James Johnstone 25 – elected for 2 years

Jennifer Milligan 24 – elected for 1 year

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