Assisting Justices of the Peace in performing their judicial duties


Justices Development Committee 9 Dec 2009

The Justices Training Committee met on 9 December 2009. It welcomed new members from GHI, NS and SSDG and also the new SJA chairman (ex officio). G Coe was reappointed as chairman. The agenda included topics such as guidance for the unrepresented accused; Justices Annual Conference; induction training and support for Justices at JSC.. Members […]

Executive Committee 25 November 2009

The Executive Committee met on 25th November in Edinburgh. The membership of the JP Development, Communications and Policy and Legislation committees was decided. The representatives on external committees were appointed. Reports from various committees and on consultations were reviewed. There will be a special meeting on 20 January 2010 to discuss the strategy. The following […]