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Judiciary and Courts Act

The Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act received Royal Assent today.

The Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act provides formal recognition of the Lord President as head of the Scottish Judiciary and provides for a number of practical reforms. The Act also gives the Lord President responsibility for the training, welfare and conduct of the judiciary at all levels. He will also become Chairman of a judicially led  Scottish Courts Service.

Johan Findlay, Chair of the Scottish Justices Association said: We welcome the creation of a judicial family, which now includes the Justices of the Peace, with the Lord President at its head. There have been many changes to summary justice over the last year, and this act strengthens and supports the place of Justices of the Peace in Scotland as we look forward to celebrating 400 years of the role during 2009.

The full text of the act can be read at

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