Assisting Justices of the Peace in performing their judicial duties

2008 Executive Elections

SJA Executive Committee Elections 2008


The following representatives were elected


Glasgow and Strathkelvin
Andy Leven            3 years
Susan Brown          2 years


Grampian Highlands & Islands
J Allan Clasper        3 years
Rodger Neilson       2 years
Susan Kirkwood     1 year


Lothian & Borders
Graham W Coe        3 years
A Philip Murray        2 years
Irene Kitson              1 year


North Strathclyde
David Grainger        3 years
Ian Smyth                2 years
Brian C Ritchie        1 year


South Strathclyde Dumfries & Galloway
Johan Findlay          3 years
Malcolm Macaskill  2 years


Tayside Central and Fife
Robin W White         3 years
Andrew M Webster  2 years
J Derry Fleming        1 year


The count took place at the offices of the Judicial Studies Committee on Tuesday 23rd September under the supervision of Aileen Sheilds.  The independent tellers were Mrs Sheila Brooks, Mrs Lucy Paterson and Mr Bill Chapman. Support was provided by Robin Wild.

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