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Reception for Shrieval and JP Bench

Members of the SJA executive attended a reception hosted by First Minister Alex Salmond on 27th November 2007.

The reception was for members of the Shrieval (ie Sherrifs) and JP Bench and was held in Edinburgh Castle.

Your representatives took the opportunity to talk to the the First Minister, to Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary responsible for Justice , Fergus Ewing, Minister for Community Safety and also the Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini. Other guests included several Sheriffs Principal and Sherrifs and members of the Scottish Courts Service, Judicial Studies Committee and Scottish Government departments.


Johan Findlay, Ian Smyth, Wilma Dickson (Criminal Justice Directorate, Scottish Government) and Brian Ritchie


Phillip Murray, Elish Angiolini (Lord Advocate) and Frank Crowe (Director, Judicial Studies Committee)

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